Tired of Being Lonely and Anonymous in Church

More from David Murrow on coaching churches:

“One of the biggest drawbacks with church planting today is we start at Acts 2. We gather a few families and open our doors, trying to attract a crowd. Our very first offering is a public worship service. We build not upon the foundation of men who’ve served Jesus together, but upon the foundation of the pastor and his ability to deliver inspiring sermons.

Staging this weekly music-and-preaching event takes so much time, effort and money that there are few resources left for personal discipling. From day one we train people to become worshippers, not disciples, because worship is what we do.”

David suggests that the Gospel of Luke includes a more man-friendly model of ministry focused on personal coaching, rather than large group teaching. He admits there’s a lot to flesh out, but the fundamental proposition is pretty exciting:

“So what if we planted churches based on the model we see in the Gospel of Luke? The church planter(s) would build the congregation not around a weekly preaching-and-music event, but around weekly coaching sessions with small groups of men.

In other words, the men of this church don’t “go to church” on Sunday. Their church would be their weekly time of coaching.”

Where do I sign up?