The Problem With “It’s Not About You”

It’s a pretty short walk to “It doesn’t really matter if you’re here or not.”

True, “it” isn’t mainly about you, but it involves you. Eventually, “it” should benefit you in some way, even if that benefit is helping you to realize that you are an irreplaceable part of the body.

Because you are. Or you should be. Your value in the Kingdom is not limited to a tally on a headcount, or the number of volunteer hours you donate to keep the machine of the church running week in, week out.

God has prepared good works out in the world that only you can complete. If you aren’t ready, or don’t have the eyes to see those good works, or don’t have the courage to complete them, then by all means, don’t waste another second. Get equipped. Because that’s where you’ll experience God, when you join him in the work he’s already doing.

Hopefully, whatever it is that you’re doing in church will prepare you to complete those good works. If church isn’t helping you, then it’s just a distraction and something needs to change.