We Need New Ways of Moving Forward Together

Jennifer Taylor:

“So, let’s recap: our current assumptions about church are deeply flawed and our representation of the Christian life is shallow. We’re not getting much because we’re not asking much of people, and our structures are mostly designed to perpetuate the system.”

Many church-ish organizations are set up to manufacture fruit that looks a lot like the kind of fruit that God produces in us and through us, without all the hassle of actually following Jesus. But just because God’s fruit can be mimicked doesn’t mean we need to surrender to suspicion and cynicism.

“We need new ways of moving forward together toward the abundant life here and now, which means a complete rethinking of what we do and why we do it.”

Certainly some need this, but there’s no blueprint for obedience to Jesus, which means there’s also no wrong way to follow Jesus. If you suspect you and your crew have lost the plot, then seek Jesus again like you did when you first started: meek, weak, and clueless.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Just tear away whatever is hindering you from doing the good works God has prepared for you. That may be scarier for some than others: some people feed their families and pay their bills based on the assumption that God has called them to earn a living from their church family.