Competition in the Kingdom

Shane Raynor:

“Christianity is nowhere near market saturation, so churches don’t need to compete for the same people. The reality of course is that a congregation that is effective at attracting the unchurched is also going to occasionally steal a few sheep from the church down the street. This is normal and it need not be taken personally. There’s a big difference between directly targeting another church’s members and attracting them while trying to reach a different group. Remember, people in the pews often have the same hang-ups about church as the ones who aren’t already part of a congregation—they just haven’t figured out how to escape yet. There’s no way to attract one group without appealing to the other.”

Friendly competition isn’t the problem. The problem is that the competition that goes on between churches has virtually no ramifications on the Kingdom.

Churches think they’re scoring points for the Kingdom, when they’re really just shuffling players on the bench.

Also, people in the pews need to figure out how to escape? What is this, Hogan’s Heros?