Linux Church

Geoff Surratt, riffing on the common “Microsoft versus Apple” dichotomy:

“I love attending a church with a Microsoft attitude. They do their best, but we all know its never perfect.”

Linux is the foundation for a third desktop computer operating system, developed as an “open-source” project. This means that the entire collection of code is available to anyone, at anytime, for free, to modify and adapt to their particular uses. Linux-based operating systems power many of the web servers that make up the internet. Linux is also the foundation for the popular Android mobile operating system.

I’ve used OS X, Windows, and Linux, and I think following Jesus with other believers is best for me when it’s like running Linux.

I love that we don’t need any permission or license to follow Jesus or worship him together. All we need is the Holy Spirit and a Bible and each other. I love that starting with obedience to Jesus can result in an infinite variety of miracles and ministries, all perfectly suited for each neighborhood and community and people group.

Linux is really powered by a robust community of contributors and collaborators that connect through email, websites, blogs, social networks, forums, and even face-to-face meetings to support each other and encourage one another and spur one another on to try new things with their computers.

That’s the kind of church I want to be a part of.