Church Shop No More

Nicole Cotrell:

What if, instead of our fear of committment ruling us or our laziness directing us, we allowed the Holy Spirit to lead us? What if we prayed about where God would have us, because He actually cares more than we do? What if instead of looking for the ways that a church can fulfill or feed us, we began looking for the ways that we can serve and take part in the body?

I don’t disagree, but I think too-rigid church norms and culture might be at fault, as much, if not more than consumerism. What if a believer feels the Spirit leading them to do something besides the weekly ritual followed by their church? We’re so parochial that most believers don’t even know how to articulate such a leading, instead interpreting the prompting as a signal that it’s time to find a new church.

Can I be a member of your church but not show up every week? Can I be a member of your church and go to another church sometimes? Without you feeling betrayed?