If You Give a Church Attender an Online Service

He’ll probably ask why he should attend a physical church at all. Tim Stevens, from a post explaining why online church services are good for outsiders, but not good enough for believers:

“You could get what you need on Christian radio, reading books, studying the Bible or watching your favorite TV preacher. But the purpose of church is so much broader than that. It is about corporate worship, praying and studying the Bible together, serving one another and reaching out in mission together. This can’t be done in isolation.”

God reveals his wisdom in variety. He can work through a traditional worship service or an online service if he wants. But I don’t see the functions that Tim mentions happening very often in worship services. Usually the one-another stuff has to be squeezed in before or after the service or scheduled for a different meeting. I’m confident other believers are questioning the disconnect between what the Bible says we should do when we’re together and what we default to. The question is, why are we dancing around the issue and rationalizing the status quo?

(Hat tip Out of Ur)