What’s the Best Way to Teach Kids to Follow Jesus?

I teach Sunday School once a month. First- through fifth-graders. Maybe I’m not that good at it, but I don’t sense any of these kids taking steps to radically follow Jesus. The whole thing seems set up for the convenience of adults rather than the success of kids or the purpose of God.

Kids need to see people listening to Jesus and doing what he says, and then they need to try obeying Jesus themselves. And I’m not just talking about honoring fathers and mothers. I’m talking about healing the sick and raising the dead.

First and foremost, kids are going to learn faith and obedience from their parents. I think most parents are so focused on raising good kids that they forget to model real-time obedience to Jesus.

Kids need to learn by doing. We need to invite them to listen to Jesus and let them try to do what he said.

We’re emulating the worst aspects of public education instead of letting the children come to Jesus.