Bible Things in Bible Ways

Jen Taylor continues to poke holes in the standard church operating procedures:

“Other than squabbling about sacraments, what we do looks an awful lot like what every other Protestant/evangelical group does. Have we failed at the goal of being New Testament churches?”

I agree that typical churches in the US don’t look much like gatherings in the New Testament, but I don’t think the issue is faithful interpretation of the text.

The Bible is a “who-is” book, rather than a “how-to” book. Jesus didn’t come to show us the right way to do church. He came to be our indwelling Lord. We don’t need better biblical interpretation. We need to look to our active, living lord and let him lead our gatherings.

When we let Jesus lead our plans and also our real-time words and actions,new and surprising things are bound to happen. It might not look exactly like it did in one or more passages of the Bible. If all the members of the group submit to Jesus’s direction, it won’t conflict with the Bible, and that will be enough.