Change the Story on Your Hurts Through Forgiveness

Bob Logan writes about healing from woundedness, which is right in line with conversations with the small group that meets at our house. We’re moving through a video teaching series featuring Philip Yancy talking about themes from his book What’s So Amazing About Grace.

Forgiving someone is more than just “letting it go.” I don’t really even know what that means. When I forgive, I’m changing the story on the hurt someone has inflicted on me, or the hurt I’ve inflicted on myself. There are plenty of ways to tell the story so that the hurt keeps on hurting:

It didn’t happen.
It never should have happened.
I got hurt and now someone is going to pay.
I will never let myself by hurt again.

One story can give life. The main character of the story is God, and when I get hurt, he can take the hurt and bring something beautiful out of it. If I’m willing to be honest and trust him. The story doesn’t end with me never getting hurt again, but it does include forgiveness, healing, and helping others by sharing my experience with them.

Check out Bob’s post on healing. It’s a super-short breakdown, but it’s pretty powerful stuff.