Speaking of Church Planting

Ed Stetzer:

“This idea of going viral needs to expand beyond the realm of home videos on YouTube. I want to see a church multiplication movement that “goes viral.” I want to see churches that are passionate, proactive, and committed to doing whatever it takes in order to plant churches that plant churches.”

Here’s the thing about YouTube: for the first time amateurs have easy access to the means of production, an affordable broadcast platform, and, most importantly, a means of promotion with unprecedented effectiveness. Amateurs drive viral trends through relationships. Contrast this with most churches: professional Christians have been directing and promoting these organizations for generations. A typical Western church is loaded with financial overhead like staff salaries and benefits, land ownership, mortgage payments, to name a few. If Stetzer is proposing that these institutions replicate themselves with virus-like speed and tenacity, I don’t think the result will be anything resembling the Kingdom of God.

It would be awesome if he and Warren Bird took a page from Felicity Dale. Simple multiplies. We’ll see how the other 8 posts in the series play out.