Discover God’s Plans in Prayer [God Talk]

From a recent comment I posted at Write About Now:

What are you praying for lately? What are you praying for the church, for Christians, for your family, for the world? Prayers can be a fantastic window into God’s coming moves because often, he’s the one that puts the prayer in our hearts in the first place.

Do you hear any recurring themes in the prayers that you hear others praying? Often times God forges unity among groups of people by placing resonating prayers in the hearts of multiple people.

I think you can learn a lot about God’s plans and purposes by (1) praying, (2) praying out loud, and (3) praying with others. I’ve been hoping to talk to some other believers around Tucson about what God is doing in our town, and I think the questions above may get to the heart of God’s plans faster than any questions about strategy or theology.