@jlwallen won’t touch Ubuntu Unity with a ten-foot pole. What’s he going to do when touch-screens take over desktop computing?

From the looks of it as of right at this moment, Unity is going to tank. When I first heard of this desktop replacement I was on the side of Ubuntu. I assumed they were going to bring something user-friendly and worthwhile to the fore. They did not. Unity is going to do quite the opposite of its title for Ubuntu.

Spoken like a true mouse-and-pointer die-hard. The commenters on this post defend Ubuntu’s new desktop interface on the grounds that it’s still in alpha, and many of Wallen’s complaints will surely be fixed come April.

Reading between the lines, I think Wallen’s real problem isn’t with desktop customization. His problem is with the paradigm shift from a mouse-driven interface to a touch interface. This is exactly the shift Ubuntu is initiating with the Unity interface. Fewer menus, more searching and filtering.

Ubuntu will always be customizable for the power users, it just may require a little more command-line finesse.