What Do We Do About Boredom at Church? [God Talk]

Weekly church services can be boring. Jennifer thinks so. So do the commenters on Skye's post. The tech crew at one church thinks Sunday mornings are so formulaic and predictable that they lampooned their weekly service (and then pulled the video from Vimeo. The linked Youtube video is a repost by a viewer).

The problem isn't what we do in church meetings. The problem is the spirit-crushing repetition.

Why do we subject ourselves to such frustration? It's a worthwhile conversation for another time, as long as we stay away from casting blame. For now, I'm interested in providing some alternatives that might lead to a breath of fresh air in our times together. I've tried each of these suggestions, and I've found them to be far more engaging and fruitful than the music-sermon-offering-music template.

Daily Activities:
Read at least five chapters of the Bible.
Pray individually and with my family.
Listen to God and do something with what he tells me.

Weekly Activities:
Meet with one or two other men for accountability and prayer.
Pray for my neighborhood on a prayer walk.
Share a meal with other believers. Invite people who don't follow Jesus.
Talk about life with Jesus with someone who might not follow him.

The key to these activities is that I meet Jesus and other believers in the course of daily life, and my daily life becomes my worship and my service and my offering to God. I don't need to leave life for 90 minutes each week to express my devotion to God, or to get direction from God. Again, there's nothing wrong with gathering with a large group of believers to devote ourselves to God. I could see myself gathering with 50+ believers once every two or three months for times of singing, story-telling, teaching, prophesying, repenting, and vision-casting. We could even throw in some old-fashioned revival.

We're not doing any bad things. We're just not doing things in rhythm with God.