What if one million people in your city trusted in Jesus for the first time today? [God Talk]

Neil Cole throws out a pretty mind-blowing hypothetical in his book Search and Rescue:

What if one million people in my city miraculously made Jesus their personal lord and savior tomorrow?

His question has got me thinking on a couple different levels.

First, I've been trying to imagine how churches in Tucson would support such a massive explosion of God's Kingdom. It strikes me that the current methods of ministry in my town would be completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new disciples. Assuming all one million new believers authentically submitted to Jesus's lordship, how many converts would stick it out with Jesus for the long haul through the support of a local body of believers? Two percent? Five percent? How many new believers would simply drift away or burn out due to a lack of solid, consistent fellowship and discipling? How many would be led astray by false teachings?

Amidst the thoughts about strategy and logistics, God slipped in another question: Do I believe God can do this mighty work? It's one thing to play with the idea of one million new disciples as a thought exercise, but it's a very different thing to consider this explosion of faith as a real possibility.

If I do believe this is possible, then my entire mindset has to change. I'm no longer drifting through my day hoping God does nice things for me. Now, I'm actively praying to see where God might be working to spark a massive revival. I'm not just attending church with the ultimate goal of inviting a friend or two per year. Now, every activity in my day is a potential modeling and mentoring opportunity that Jesus can use to spur new believers on toward obedience and righteousness.

I think God is trying to connect the million-person hypothetical with the here and now. If I believe that God can bring one million people to salvation in a day, then I also have to believe that God can use me to make it happen. Today.