Prayer walks: your mileage may vary [God Talk]

Prayer walks aren’t for everyone. They’re just for the people whom Jesus directs to go on prayer walks.

I’ve been pretty excited lately about my weekly prayer walks with my son. We have a ton of fun looking at buses and motorcycles, and we meet really nice people. I’ll probably be writing more about our prayer walks as we learn and pray and talk to more neighbors.

That said, I will not prescribe prayer walks to anyone else.

There’s nothing inherently holy about walking and praying at the same time. I don’t have a Bible passage that indicates that prayer walks are commanded by God. I don’t have studies and research to show that prayer walks are a proven outreach strategy. I haven’t discovered some mysterious key that unlocks the power of God in my life or my neighborhood. I’m simply listening to Jesus and doing what I think he’s telling me to do at this time.

The power is in the listening and the doing, not the walking and the praying.