A mandolin-playing crossing guard brings unity to the neighborhood [God Talk]

The first time my son and I met the crossing guard, she ushered us across the street and, when asked, joined us in prayer for the salvation of the children in our neighborhood. It was cool to meet a fellow believer.

The next time we saw her, she was strumming a mandolin. She waved us over, then stopped traffic with her bright red sign to get us safely to her station. Sitting back down, she began playing a quick version of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

At my prompt, my son and I both clapped.

Then, she quickly transitioned into a praise song, strumming and singing to God right there on the corner. I hesitated just long enough to remember the coming line, and then I joined in. Nathan just looked at buses, because he doesn't really know how to sing in unison, yet.

It was only one song, and then we went on to talk about our days and share any prayer requests. Walking away, though, it felt like the start an answer to a prayer I've been praying on our walks: that Jesus would unite believers in our neighborhood and express himself through us.