Seth’s Blog: In between frames [Leadership]

Scott McCloud’s classic book on comics explains a lot more than comics.

A key part of his thesis is that comic books work because the action takes place between the frames. Our imagination fills in the gaps between what happened in that frame and this frame, which means that we’re as much involved as the illustrator and author are in telling the story.

Marketing, it turns out, works precisely the same way.

As soon as he mentioned comic book artist Scott McCloud, I was psyched for this post. Of course, all the wonderful story in comics takes place between the frames, and Seth says this is true for marketing, as well. I would say it’s true for education.

What are my students doing between lessons and assignments? Are they exercising their muscles for learning and doing? Can I leverage their “in between” experiences to improve their learning in the classroom?

How about a school staff? What happens in between meetings and emails is by far more important than what happens during the official communication events. Can leaders of a school (admins, teachers, or otherwise) engage in these in-between times to inform their perspective and exercise influence?